Let’s Go to School, continued

The meeting with the KSU student teacher and her excellent Kindergarten Collaborating Teacher was a very smooth one! Even on pain meds…maybe, a little better for it (insert chuckle, here). The school is below Marietta and is just a pleasure to experience, upon entering. As a school principal, I can smell a good school. My teacher friends will know what I mean. The curb appeal, the office staff, the students in the hall practicing routine, the teachers and support staff catching a quick conversation while doing seven things in perfect harmony…I get it just at a glance.

The Student Teacher and Collaborating Teacher and SeizeTheDay had less than fifty minutes while the kiddos were at PE to meet, go over process, look at instruments, schedule my four observations and plan. Did it, networked, left and got into my chaffeured ride with William Green, young tenor extraordinaire.

Returning to Roswell, lunch was on Father and a stop at Theo’s Brothers Bakery and Sandwich Shop was very much in order. Sandwiches and pastries tucked into the car, we went home for a nice lunch. Next stop, SeizeTheDay drives to ROC radiation.

Cruised down 400 at a clip in the ‘vette, backdooring it into ROC at Saint Joseph’s…just five minutes off-time… Nice entrance…

I received a notarized handicapped authorization from The Only One, Merriman. She is a card.

The session was typical; it was number 8 out of 20. Visualization of the table exit was good. Not much crud-movement pain.

Headed to a Starbucks for after RT treat and then, to Casa Green. 3:36 pm


2 thoughts on “Let’s Go to School, continued

  1. What a great cheerleader your KSU student has in you! Your leadership skills and encouragement will be such a blessing to her. I’ve loved looking at your Southern Living garden photos-doesn’t look like there’s a drought your way. The photos relax me-I can only imagine seeing it in person. If you haven’t, try Douceur de France in Roswell-good food and desserts.

    1. Thank you, Beverly. That was a comment that SeizeTheDay can use for a pump up. I like that you enjoy the garden pictures. Please come to see us before they slow down. We have a hand watering brigade here! We’ll get you a can. Very scrupulous and regulation friendly…? Pretty much, every other day. Enjoy the day!

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