I’ve Taken to my Bed

August 28, 2011, 12:23 am

For years I knew that to write fluently and with catharsis, a person had to actually put words onto paper or some medium every day without failure. I knew that the length of time spent writing was not the goal, the goal was to get words forming into phrases that would form thoughts that would capture the perception of the writer. If an idea became fluent and expressed an idea in a pleasurable way, then a writer was finding his voice. The D Word had to raise its head: Discipline

I’ve heard that the writing process would “be a good outlet.” As a former teacher, I know that writing can unlock the mind. So, write, I will.

Even in bed, watching the esteemed and miraculous Sir Paul McCartney inspire with “Jets” on Saturday Night Live. I think that Mary and I have seen him in concert about a half dozen times. In an interview in the September 2011 edition of the e-magazine, “Project,” published by Virgin Atlantic, he speaks of his continuing to perform out of the love of performing, of making music, rather than making money. I believe him.

My buddies are with me, but they are in total cat repose. Birthday Girl hasn’t made it back to join us, yet. And yes, it does take a bit to bring a stubborn fellow down and keep him down. Even a night out at a horror movie… It was one that I’d been trying to get Mary to see, without even a chink in her no-way armor.

Will agreed to see “Fright Night” with me, though. I experienced one of the campiest, cracked, 3-D, vampire-spurting-blood flicks I’ve ever had the guilty pleasure to view. A weird, unlined-with-age, Colin Farrell chews the scenery with infective charisma. Even the titles implode from dripping blood into projectile sprays into an eager audience. Perfect guy-movie without the least serious whiff of artistic merit!

I rest easily tonight with a ton of blessings.




3 thoughts on “I’ve Taken to my Bed

  1. I was with you until the last paragraph. Blood, guts, gore. What is it with you guys???!!! Otherwise, it sounds like a perfect evening.

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