September 2, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011
Radiation treatment #14
Saint Joseph’s Hospital

I arrived at 2:35 pm for my 2:45 appointment. The place was very quiet. I expected more sessions crunched together so that the office could get off a little earlier for the labor day weekend. I completed the session with Tiffany and Omega.

Earlier that morning, I had fallen as a result of getting overbalanced at one of the skimmer boxes at our pool. I had noticed that I was having some numbness and a little burning sensation when my back would lock up from bending movements. The sensation would move briefly down my legs.

Mary called Dr. Reddy’s office and reported this information to the PA, Friday, 4:40pm

I had an increase in my pain medication due to more persistent pain. Wrote in my blog quite late…

Saturday, September 3, 2011

As of yesterday, I have been unsteady on my feet and have been using a walker for stability. There is a slight numbness in my feet. I can walk unattended, but feel unsteady in my ankles. Bending is greatly reduced.

I think that I should see a neurosurgeon such as Dr. Steuer or Dr. Gower ASAP this coming week.

It is Saturday afternoon and all is well.

Mary and I ate lunch with Ann Spangle, Carol Brown, Judi Walsh and Terry Slanovits at The Olde Blinde Dog in Crabapple. Delightful company, delicious food! Much laughter…I read some pages from my blog.

5:00 pm


One thought on “September 2, 2011

  1. How is it that even when you aren’t feeling well, you’re still able to surround yourself with women? The charisma is still there, even in retirement. I’m sure there was lots of laughter and reminiscing with the “old gang”, or “old” gang, however you want to read it.

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