A Big Puddle of Goo

September 6, 2011
Saint Joseph’s Hospital
11:30 pm

I had a nice shower and kissing Mary good-bye,
crawled into bed for just a wee nap around seven.

I read a few messages before sleep arrived
And decided to write around ten or eleven.

I got so comfortable that I turned into a big puddle of goo.

Enough of the versifying… Awaken, scribble, then rest…

Medical scheduling: I received an early morning visit from my neurosurgeon, had an MRI performed, received Radiation Therapy Session number 15, met with a radiation oncologist and received a return, late afternoon visit from my neurosurgeon after he reviewed scans and, perhaps in response to Mary’s voice-mail.

The medical gist: neurosurgeons will talk about the T9 collapse and the additional breakage that seems to have affected T8 and T10. The additional damage seems to be causing the unsteadiness when I stand unsupported. Neurosurgeon believes that spinal column stability measure will need to be discussed. He wants me to stay in hospital.

The lift of the day: Will visited me at Saint Joseph’s Hospital after dinner.

The puddle of goo that is me does not want to be controlled, so I give up trying to write and retire for the night.

Mike Green
September 6, 2011

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