Take Back the Words

September 11, 2011
8:47 am

About an hour earlier, I had a swell little pity party here at home. It’s awfully good that you missed its sorrier moments.

When two strong personalities clash over the most insignificant argument, and over-generalized, designed-to-cut statements are made that hurt, the recipe concocts a deadly serving of meanness. I dished that out to my son this morning. I tried get it back and throw it away, but I’m afraid that he and Mary got a taste of my bubbling, mean, resentment pie this morning.

I won’t reveal the contents. I will just work harder to be kinder. I will not overgeneralize a cutting remark until it takes on a life of its own and bears no resemblance to any truth. No supporting excuses are offered.

I am sorry for my mean spirit this morning, Will and Mary. Pardon the trash all up in my head.

September 11, 2011


One thought on “Take Back the Words

  1. Even the best cooks can make a recipe that tastes like #*$#() . When that happens, you throw it out, & figure out the individual ingredients that made it bad. Then you take the good, and start all over. You are the good Mike Green, you just had some bad ingredients in the mixture. Scah-lot said it well, “…Tomorrow is another day.” You are loved.

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