Catching Up

October 5, 2011

It would appear that I have not been following my advice to write everyday! As with any discipline, when you miss one day, the second and third days are all the easier to forget about. When setting out to write each day the writer has to listen to that little voice and just get on with it. With that in mind, I will remember a few of the details from the past several days.

I met with Dr. Steuer, my neurosurgeon, Monday. He and his assistant, Carter Cooper, reviewed the x-rays of my back and declared them to be all in order. The structure looks like a suspension bridge to me with its long rods and multiple screws. It seems to be stable and doing its job according to Dr. S. That’s just what we want!

We relocated my mother to UniHealth Rehabilitation at Buford yesterday. She will be living there for the next few weeks while she undergoes therapy for walking. Some may recall, that she fell and sustained hairline fractures in her left pelvis right before my surgery. We are hoping that she will do well with her therapy and get back home soon. Today, she was transported to her regular dialysis clinic for the first time in several weeks. That is a good step back to normalcy for her.

I’ve been enjoying an entertaining HBO series, Boardwalk Empire. The Prohibition period in our country’s history has been brilliantly brought to life in an epic production which counts among its producers, Mark Wahlberg and Martin Scorsese. The quality of the writing, sets, costumes and acting is astonishing. I viewed all of last season’s episodes and am caught up with the latest from this season. This series is not for the squeamish because of all the violence, but the performance of Steve Buscemi is golden.

It’s Wednesday and a beautiful day in North Georgia. Enjoy!


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. Mike, I don’t believe we have ever met but I went to grammar school and high school with your sweet Mary. I just wanted to say that I had a very, very small back surgery almost 5 years ago and it went great; looking at your exray and reading what you have been through amazes me. I believe cancer and back surgery have to be very hard and I believe you have a great positive attitude and I admire you tremendously.

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