Fall Day

October 10, 2011

This has been a perfect, rainy fall day that offered respite from the summer heat and dryness that has parched the landscape. Our gardens around the house sighed with relief from the gift of a slow, gentle rain. The folks in the house looking out sighed with relief that hand watering could be postponed for a day or two. It was a good day for napping according to the pets.

Not everyone napped, even though we had a good excuse as the day was Columbus Day and a holiday for many folks. Mary had to teach today as KSU was in session. She had an inspiring lesson plan today and sent me the following note.

“This morning, Merry Willis was kind enough to give up her free morning to speak to my Foundations of Leadership class at KSU. She spoke eloquently of her growing up years and how she has emerged as a leader in technology for the Cherokee County School District. I think the students enjoyed hearing what she had to say; several of them had questions for her and thanked her for coming. She demonstrated just why she is such an exemplary teacher!”

I am sure that Mary’s students enjoyed class today. It is not often that a Monday morning college class on a rainy day can provide such a bright spot for the students. Thanks to Merry for providing an inspiring leadership discussion. I’ll take my measure of pride for having given Merry her first teaching job.

Mike Green


One thought on “Fall Day

  1. And I will be most happy to take credit for her student teaching AND my recommendation for you to hire her fast! I wish I had been there to hear her. What a treasure she is.

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