It’s Getting to Look a lot like Christmas

The halls are being decked in homes, malls, and offices for the beauty of the Christmas season.

3 thoughts on “It’s Getting to Look a lot like Christmas

  1. I just read your blog for the first time. I had no idea you’ve been so sick. You are immediately on my prayer list. I would love to meet Mary “Rambo” Green. She sounds like a real treasure. God bless you, Mike.. I pray the treatment goes a easily as it is possible to go. Laura

    1. Actually, I have been blessed with a year of no pain medications! I’m taking them now for the latest compression fracture. Today, I sit in the ACC having a treatment. Thank you, for writing and for putting me on your prayer list. Mary “Rambo” Green is a sweetheart, really! You would know that she keeps me in line! LOL
      Thanks, Laura! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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