Random Thoughts on Upcoming Treatment

I am finishing up Cycle 2 of chemo Sunday, January 20th. Two more cycles are indicated at this point. I have an appointment with my oncologist at Winship Cancer Institute/Emory this coming week. That is good! I have always wanted to be prepared as soon as possible.

After the four chemo cycles of two weeks on of Velcade, Decadron and Revlimid and one week off, the treatments will have waged a war in my bone marrow, destroying the myeloma and lowering that m spike. But, I have those two cycles to complete so that the labs show my marrow chemistry is ready for the “big blowout” in isolation at Emory Hospital for a two week stay.

The increased dosing of chemo and the harvesting and freezing of my stem cells will come during isolation at Emory (low immune levels, then). The transplant of harvested stem cells will be there at Emory.

Tests are scheduled for February 19th and 20th with a follow-up visit for the pre-transplant consent on March 12th. If my test results from the evaluation are good, we will probably know when the transplant will be scheduled. This is an autologous transplant as it uses stem cells from my bone marrow.

I’m actually coping well, no nausea, just minor neuropathy in my feet. I still get out and walk on a track or in the neighborhood. Shoulder has myeloma in it, so that has to be treated gingerly. But, hey! I am kicking this thing with a lot of help from God and the people who love and care for me. Love to all of my friends and family who are keeping up with my postings. I appreciate your comments, well-wishing and prayers more than you can imagine.


Mike Green
January 19, 2013

14 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Upcoming Treatment

  1. Mike, I think of you often and send up a little prayer for a complete healing! I believe in miracles!!! Your writings are very inspirational; not to mention, they show how courageous you are. All of the Hoffmans send you our love!

    1. Kathryn, thank you so much for your prayers and your compliments to this old fellow! Tell Ian and the girls that I said hello. Sure wish we could see you all. I know that the lake must have looked beautiful today! On a side note, I have been following your posts on Antebellum! I watched the YouTube video today. Mary and I are going to have to check it out. I have NOTHING wrong with my appetite. I am taking steroids three times a week and eat like a horse! Thanks and love to all of the Hoffmans!

  2. Thinking of you and praying for a full recovery. You are so strong and courageous! A true inspiration.

  3. So glad to hear that you are in great spirits and things are going well. Sending prayers and well wishes your way! Keep up the fight!
    Dana Townsend

    1. Dana, thanks for keeping me in your prayers! I have a visit with my oncologist at Emory today. We’ll see how that goes. Probably chatting and reviewing the steps taken after the fourth cycle of chemo. Have a great day!

  4. Mike—-I lived next door to you on Fox Street and haven’t seen you since you wore the costume of the Chippendales—-except yours was a diaper!!!! I have kept up with you in the last year— I have been researching the Colliers and trying to understand my link to them–someone told me I should contact you!!! I have since figured out that connection, but in the process, found out about your medical challenges. I inadvertently stumbled onto seizethedaymike when I was trying to figure out which of the Colliers Collier Heights was named for (John? He had a house at 47 Nelson—Southwest–the nearest to that area) Phyllis told me you had been to Europe in pursuit of genealogical answers. Cool!!! I am so sorry for the loss of Charlotte—-I remember her so well. I saw Bill at the funeral home when Sara Nell Garmon died and I asked him about you. .At any rate, I am now a fan and follower and probably a distant relative!! I am also a Physician Assistant and am attentive to your treatment, though Oncology changes so quickly and I worked in another specialty. My thoughts are with you–and I still have to get used to not thinking of you as “Mikey.” So proud of you for so many things—sounds like you have a wonderful family, too..

    Linda Jones Tonge

    1. Hi, Linda!

      It is really good to hear from you on my blog!

      The Collier land in Atlanta amounted to at least 700 acres that extended from what became Ansley Park (this was known as Collier Woods) across what became the interstate past Brookwood Station and up Peachtree to the Collier Mill (Collier Hills.). The George Washington Collier acreage was settled by his father, Meredith Collier, and was the last of the pioneer land holdings in Atlanta. It was developed into Sherwood Forest in the late 1940s.

      Collier Heights was an historic neighborhood started in SW Atlanta mid-20th century by African Americans. This was not connected to the Meredith Collier family, except, perhaps with residents that had taken the Collier name, as was customary with freed slaves. That may be a dead end for you, as I find no family connection there.

      Wash Collier was the son of Meredith who was a state legislator and my great-great grandfather. Wash Collier’s sister was Elizabeth Collier who married my great grandfather, Thomas Haney Liddell. My mother was born in their house where Dave & Buster’s is located now.

      I do not know of the Collier connection to your family. I am interested how it came about. I do know that the Knoxes are connected by a late 19th c. Liddell, Sarah Elizabeth Knox, who married William Hampton Knox and resided in the old log house that is next to The Harris Orchard retirement home.

      That may help you

  5. You continue to be my inspiration MPG. That’s one of the many reasons I loved working for you. Well, that and catching your grammar mistakes……and telling you how you had to get me away from my roommate….and…well, you know the rest…..

    1. So kind! Beverly, I miss hearing from you! Your wit and droll sense of humor stays with me. (In a good way!) It’s very gratifying that you enjoyed working for this fellow and that I continue to inspire. Now, walk away from the wine… Thanks, Beverly

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