Staging Results

This is the Cliffs Notes version of “Michael’s Adventures With Multiple Myeloma.”

Multiple Myeloma is a blood cancer that affects the blood plasma and is incurable, but treatable with varying degrees of success.

August 2011 Diagnosed with MM

August 2011 Radiation Therapy

September 2011 Spinal Fusion

November 2011 Pulmonary Embolism

January 2012 Chemotherapy begins

April 2013 Stem Cell Transplant

The results of the seven year staging post-transplant were good. The bone marrow biopsy revealed less than 5% myeloma in the sample. My condition remains Very Good Partial Remission. My treatment is successful and will be modified in some ways. Oral at-home maintenance chemotherapy in low dosage will continue and not be changed. Multiple Myeloma blood chemistry labs will be every three months.

The results indicate success in treatment of the cancer as a chronic disease.

Thank you friends for your comments, prayers and continued encouragement.

Now I return my thoughts and plans to enjoying life, as usual. The family will be celebrating Father’s Day 2020 Sunday and I am looking forward to hearing giggles from granddaughter Charlotte Jayne Green.

Michael Green

June 18, 2020

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