Carpe Diem, everyone!

August 30, 2011

Today is Tuesday and it is Radiation Treatment #11
Saint Joseph’s Hospital

I greeted the day and enjoyed some simple garden chores such as trimming back Rudbeckia and sweeping. Rudbeckia is a perennial (black-eyed susan) that is a mainstay of our summer garden. The seeds of the mature flower are much beloved by the yellow finch. The yellow finches can’t get enough of the seeds. More power to them!

The session went well today. Usual stuff after an hour…got through it by having a great chat with Troy and Ms. Howell in the waiting area at ROC…

We talked about matters that interest us: writing, cooking (they…not I), birds, bats and deer…pretty random, but all enlivened by the zestful telling…

Troy amazed me with his memorization of a favorite letter that was written to a radio personality. A former English major, Troy has a great command of the written and spoke word. We compared notes and I promised to deliver a spoken Middle English Prologue to the Canterbury Tales next time.

Ms. Howell is a lover of gardening with heirloom shrubs such as Spirea and Weigeia, not so commonly used shrubs… Thoroughly enjoyable debrief after RT…

The day had been seized and I drove home.

I’m working on a city and county essay that is starting to think it might be something. Carol B has made the mistake of mentioning that to me in a passing comment.

August 30, 2011
8:27 p.m.


One thought on “Carpe Diem, everyone!

  1. Glad you had such an interesting day! Your garden is breathtaking! Keep on keeping on my dear Mr. Green!!! What a perfect name for you, you with your green thumb!! LOL If you see my brother while he is having his treatments you can talk motorcycles!
    Hope to see you soon,

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