Block Party at Northside Medical Campus

Mary and I arrived at my oncologist’s office at Atlanta Cancer Care in the Northside Medical Campus in Alpharetta today. After carrying on with Vu the PA, we had a good meeting with Dr. Reddy in which we reviewed my progress and discussed setting up an appointment with my neurosurgeon.

That appointment would be for determining what to do about the T9 vertebra after I complete the twenty scheduled radiation treatments. The goal of the RT is to eliminate the plasmacytoma which has been located on the vertebra. Feel free to indulge in a mental image of that nasty little bugger parked there. I know that I have such a one…rather perverse, but that’s me… I do know some of you and your imaginations…not naming names…

We talked about a back brace for support. She increased the dosage of the pain patch. Upon checking out and more insurance papers to shuffle, the emergency alarm sounded, announcing either the eminent countdown destruction of the facility…

or…just the need to exit the building for an emergency fire exit.

Mary and I have had our fair share of building evacuations over the years that we’ve worked in public school systems, but today we enjoyed a new perspective. Doctors, Staff, patients and all swooped out of the huge buildings on the Northside campus into the drives, parking decks, and courtyards. You could smell the unexpected freedom that the evacuation brought on that hot August afternoon.

I spied an Edy’s Ice Cream Vending Cart rolled into strategic position at one of the front doors. There must have been a run on the vendor’s stock. Ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream cups…all being eaten in what appeared to be ice cream heaven.

The alarm stopped but security did not seem to be getting the energized staff and patients to head back in to their duties.

Our afternoon continued with the drive southbound on 400 to The Radiology Oncology Clinic at Saint Joseph’s Hospital. Treatment twelve went well as I planned my methodical escape from the flat and unforgiving radiation table. The hour spent writing, managing movement after therapy and chatting with new friends in the ROC waiting area is a time that I have decided to make into a good and useful part of the day.

And, as if there could be any doubt, I suggest we stop at Theo’s Bakery for SeizeTheDay treat time, the unexpected ice cream social at Northside Medical still inspiring.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Waited for a while, debriefed and got ready to head to Theo’s for a care package.

Mike Green
3:21 pm


3 thoughts on “Block Party at Northside Medical Campus

  1. Yep…we have been involved with just a few bldg evacs. Bet this one was just a little scarier!!!! Thank you for letting us be involved in your journey. We’re your “Back-Up” Singers!!!! Or was it “Biker Babes”? See ya soon….

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