I Gotta Be Me

September 1, 2011

I arrived at the ROC at 2:50 for my 2:45. Today the session was running behind for some other reason, as well. It did give me a chance to go to the restroom before the radiation treatment. Unfortunately, I was caught leaving the women’s dressing room which connects to the restroom. There were no shrieks, so I made it back to the waiting room without incident.

The radiation machine does a rotation around my body during a session. The technicians have drawn plus signs at three locations mid-torso. These serve in the alignment of the machine and my body. I asked if I would need to have them tattooed. Feel free to insert tattoo design ideas here. I do like the thinking that the marks will not need to be made permanent.

As for The Machine, I wonder about its form follows function aspects of design. It must have an orifice, a snout, or a barrel where the radiation beam leaves that place for my body. I see nothing sinister like that, just a round thick shield.

The radiation streams into the direction of my stomach from the device above me. There is a high pitched buzz for about twenty seconds. The device then rotates below the table and streams, emits, blasts, or spews the radiation into my back for a somewhat longer period of time…thirty seconds. I’ll try to get the timing right today.

The session begins forty five minutes after I arrive. I’m too curious for everyone’s own good today, I realize. The staff is trying to catch up. Trish is helping out to catch up, so now, I have three lovely ladies assisting me and I’m asking questions about timing of the radiation spews. The patient Tiffany tells me that it isn’t the timing, it’s about the dosage. Of course, I ask about the dosage just as staff is exiting before the spewing, blasting or emitting starts.

Timing is important. One must not lie about on radiation tables annoying good staff people. The questions should wait. You know that, Mr. SeizeTheDay.

The session is really quick, invisible , and mysterious. Exiting the table is the challenge. Visualize the connected movements that make it free of pain.

As tomorrow begins the Labor Day weekend, sessions begin earlier tomorrow. I will be at my session at 2:30 pm. With questions about dosage and whether the radiation drifts, spews, streams, emits, beams, blasts…you know that I could continue…

I leave the ROC today, perhaps sillier than usual, but happy to just be me at 4:15 pm in a sweet tooth state of mind.


3 thoughts on “I Gotta Be Me

  1. Love the picture, love the stories. Sounds like you are making the most of your time…hence, seizetheday!! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I love the picture. You must feel like you are on a permanent vaction when you go out there. It looks very peaceful. I am enjoying your editorials of your experience. You have a very poitive outlook. Good for you. Have a wonderful weekend,

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