Much Happening, Thank-You Notes

September 6, 2011

I didn’t know it Tuesday evening while I was resting at Saint Joseph’s, but my mother took a spill in her kitchen. My father and she wisely assessed the fall and decided that it was best to wait to go to the ER after dialysis Wednesday. PawPaw was a quick thinker and called Stan Clayborn after the fall to ask him to help get her loaded the next morning. Fortunately, the wheelchair was available, as their son had taken both walkers for himself!

After dialysis, Will met his grandparents at the clinic and they checked into the ER at Gwinnett Medical Center which is a block away. Around this time, Mary broke these events to me with comfort and care, knowing how I might react.

Around 3:00, Mary left for GMC to check on MawMaw’s admission status. As of 8:00 pm, MawMaw had been settled into room 533, GMC, with two hairline cracks in her lower, left pelvis. The orthopedist had indicated a hospital stay of two more days with use of a walker. We are not sure of a rehab stay at this point.

I am distressed that this happened to my brave mother and that I was not able to help in any way. That said, it could have been far worse and I could be hammering myself in this hospital room tonight for not being there. I’m not doing that. I have to be thankful for the events that have quietly and gently unfolded around me. I chalk this up to loving family and a loving God.

Now, inspired by NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and his Thank-You Notes, I have collected a batch of notes that I sent earlier in text messages and FaceBook messages. Not Jimmy’s hilarious bit, but heartfelt from Mike…

Hi Will,
I wanted to check in with you and catch up. I just finished RT in the usual place at the usual time, so that was normal, except for a chair ride down from my room. Uneventful…
Earlier, I had an MRI done before lunch…loud racket in a confined space…necessary, though…At 6am, a visit from neurosurgeon (so early were my questions, I began to doubt that I even asked them).
Mom is here in room 733 and is the bright spot in the place!
Thanks for helping in so many ways. Father

Thank you for dealing with so much today. You managed to be here at the hospital for the ultra important Dr. Steuer meeting and Dr. Reddy meeting, you managed to get to your Kennesaw class, and you were there for MawMaw and PawPaw at Gwinnett Medical Center ER. On top of that, you managed my understanding of MawMaw’s fall from last night. You knew just how to tell me without filling me with guilt. Amazing! Thank you and much love,

I must thank you for stepping up and taking charge today with MawMaw’s ER situation today. That was very tough and you handled it well, giving me peace of mind. Love, Father

Here I am lying in bed at Saint Joseph’s Hospital…I just want to thank you and Stan for helping with my mama and daddy today. I am relieved that they are in such good hands.
Mary just updated me and it looks like a couple of days in the hospital for MawMaw. Mike

Thanks so much for helping with my mama this morning. As I am lying here at Saint Joseph’s, I am relieved that everything worked out as well as it did. I appreciate you and Faye so much!

Thanks, Evan, for so much support! It means a lot that I have a family that thinks along the same lines and pulls together. I can’t wait to see you and Sarah tomorrow. Love, Pop

The day is almost done. I reflect and understand. Somewhat more…

Mike Green

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One thought on “Much Happening, Thank-You Notes

  1. MPG – although the thanks are appreciated they are by no means expected. We do what we do because it is RIGHT, not because we desire recognition. It is your time to be the recipient of love and wisdom instead of the deliverer (we already have the best one looking over us!) Use your healing time to do just that – HEAL.

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