September 17, 2011

Here it is, Saturday, and I did not get to check out of Northside Hospital. I was very eager to get back home, but it is always better to err with caution. I know that my doctors and their staff have my best interests at heart. It will also be best if we don’t have to deal with incision drainage at home. Tomorrow, I am told will be the day. Even if it is not, I will not be controlling that, either!

I feel good, wished I looked better, and am happy to be alive!

Saturday, 2:50 pm
September 17, 2011


8 thoughts on “September 17, 2011

  1. We also are very happy that you are alive. Bob and I are in Hilton Head having fun for you and Mary. Take care and FOLLOW DOCTORS ORDERS!!!! Love!!!

  2. I know you are anxious to get home but it’s always best to follow dr orders-not to mention, your insurance may not cover if you dont!!! Glad you are on the mend. Love ya!

  3. Remember,baby steps, baby steps, you will be home soon.You and Charlotte are in my thoughts and prayers each day Love you all!!!

  4. Mike,
    I am amazed at your positive outlook and the progress you are making. I believe they go hand in hand. God is our great physician and is taking good care of you and if he thinks you should stay another day, then it’s probably best that you do 🙂 Home will be even sweeter. Thinking of you and sending you big hugs!! Shelley

  5. Since you were always one so concerned and proud about your outward appearance, maybe this is a chance as you rebuild externally to synthesize your recent months of introspection into the appearance that really matters – who you are…not necessarily, what you see in the mirror!

    Stay wise and thinking foreward, my friend.

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