September 19, 2011

Monday, 6:00 pm

Hello to all!

I am sitting here at home enjoying peaceable kingdom napping around me as I watch the evening news on TV. It has been a day or so since I posted and I wanted to catch back up with my blog.

Yesterday, I arrived home around lunchtime. One of the first positive things that happened was a very needed haircut from a wonderful neighbor and longtime hair stylist, Marta. Marta and Miles came up and visited. I felt like a new man after the cut.

It wasn’t much later when Rachel and Scott brought over a wonderful home cooked meal for us to enjoy for dinner. All that I can say is a resounding thanks for the efforts of these neighbors.

I knew that I would have to adjust to my surroundings with changes in my mobility and that has gone well. Mary and the boys have been great in getting the house situated for my new move back. PawPaw came by this afternoon and updated us on MawMaw. She had dialysis today on a regular schedule and takes therapy at the Glancy Rehabilitation Center. She was so sweet in wanting me to have the Images of America edition of Duluth. This book is proving to be chockfull
of Duluth history.

The surgery was one week ago today. Glad to be alive!

Mike Green


5 thoughts on “September 19, 2011

  1. Wow Green, I’m sorry to learn of your challenges. I found your blog through someone’s post on FB. Hope it’s not a problem for me drop a note here. I’m glad that you’ve done well as the Doctors have rolled out a plan of attack. My perception is that you’re strong in faith and focused on your drive to move past the challenges. I can’t begin to imagine the strength you have to work through this with a positive disposition. I’m gonna keep you and yours in my prayers. I’ll check back on this neat little blog of yours to follow how you’re winning every day!

    Hurcell Fleming

  2. So glad you are home and getting back to your routine, I know this has been a huge adjustment for you. Take it easy and realize that people want to help, let them! Lifting you up in prayer!

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