Perfect Day Trip Saturday

Could the weather today have been any better for fall festivals, exploring, having a delicious brunch, or revisiting old haunts? Mary, Will and I would tell you that it was indeed a perfect day for just those activities.

Mary and Will had wanted to go to The Forum in Norcross for the opening of a new PeachMac store so that they could win all of the free prizes. I had harbored a notion of riding by the Duluth Fall Festival. I managed to hitch a ride with them to the grand opening of the store. They didn’t win any prizes, but I managed to leave the car with the walker and stroll on the sidewalk. I’ll take that as a fair accomplishment and a big boost to my independence.

Leaving The Forum, The Flying Biscuit beckoned us for brunch just across the road. French toast with orange sauce, anyone? Omelets and egg dishes with the famous grits and biscuits? We had a variety and could not finish what we had ordered. Our eyes had been too big for our stomachs. Is that old childhood saying much used anymore?

From Peachtree Corners, Will drove us through Pinckneyville to Norcross. Do folks remember a place called Pinckneyville anymore? It used to be the hub of commerce and a stagecoach stop on the old Peachtree Road for the area when Lawrenceville was just becoming the Gwinnett County seat of government. Now, the lay of the land has changed all clues to this past.

Thrasher Park was the infamous scene of my Uncle Frank’s ride in a car through the gates of that small Norcross park in the 1930’s. The houses surrounding the park are lovingly restored. Just a hop, skip, and a jump and we were in Mary Green’s former work environments of Norcross High School and Summerour Middle School. Memories of people and events just pour back when you return to old stomping grounds.

A short trip up Buford Highway through Pittman past Allen City and we found ourselves in Duluth. I knew that I was not about to get into a crowd of folks with a walker. I hoped that we might get close to the Fall Festival in the car, though. We did just that, rolling down the windows to soak in the sights and sounds. Will and Evan accompanied their MawMaw and PawPaw to many a Duluth Fall Festival. It seems to have grown so much in size and tradition.

Feeling like a festival attendee, SeizeTheDay Mike was a happy field tripper headed for home. One last stop at the North Point Starbucks for a coffee and some sun was the perfect end to the afternoon.

Could it have been a better Saturday?

Mike Green
September 24, 2011



3 thoughts on “Perfect Day Trip Saturday

  1. Drove thru Pickneyville yesterday!

    Bout the only thing you left out was….chocolate! It’s only 2037 hours…hope you take care of that omission 🙂


  2. Is that a stove pipe flew regulator ? Griswold is a big name in cast iron isn’t it? Many collectors of cast iron cookware seem to seek that name.

    1. Our house is built on an old homeplace up in North Fulton. The house burned years ago. I find interesting objects in the ground and the regulator was my latest find. I believe it must have been for a stove.

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