Happy Friday

September 23, 2011

I really like that I have been free of pain medication all week. I feel more in touch with the healing that is going on in my body. My thought processes are less convoluted and are easier to put into words, both spoken and written. I was reminded of the sometimes unintentional outcome of pain medication on my writing just today. It was rather hilarious to me, not to mention being a very good chuckle for Mary and Will. They decided that the time had come to let me in on a little gem of writing that I had posted. Thank you, Mary and Will for your courage!

It would appear that one of my late night blogs has put to rest the notion that I was a writer that required no editing! I will not go into specifics, but will tell you that I will leave my “trolling” hospital corridors and having a very confusing amount of physical therapy written “as is.” If you have read the unintentionally hilarious entry, I hope you had a good laugh. If you have not read it, check it out and enjoy! Know, readers, that I can laugh at myself.

Of course, I may have unintentionally set myself up for tougher criticism. I’ve let my readers know that I am supposedly out of the pain-medicated writing phase. Now, it’s SeizeTheDay Mike with his writing skills exposed. All I can promise is to just have some fun. No Faulkner, no Steinbeck…just MPG. You may decide that the Percocet-fueled writing is far more entertaining and distinctly preferable. I sincerely hope not!

It was a lovely day today with a freshly washed world calling me outside to sun and exercise. The simple joy of having the sun warming my face after so many days in a hospital room that had no view filled me with a light spirit. Brody the bulldog’s hilarious stalking of “Harvey,” the mechanical pool cleaner has always made us smile, but today it seemed YouTube worthy as I watched from the sidelines. Doing my laps on the driveway gets easier.

A visit with my parents at Glancy Rehabilitation Center was a very good way to end the day. My mother continues to improve while my father remains a rock of encouragement and strength for her. I know that she also enjoyed the visit from Mary and Will.

I sit here on the porch enjoying the late afternoon, a happy man.

Mike Green
September 23, 2011


One thought on “Happy Friday

  1. I enjoy your muses, with drugs or without. Your thankfulness & notices for the simple things of life help me realize what I overlook each day. You continue to inspire. I thank God for your continued healing & pray for you & your family daily.

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