Fun With Vertebrae

Mary and I were at Dr. Steuer’s office at Peachtree Neurosurgeons Monday afternoon for a follow- up appointment. We walked in (I with “Michael Cane,” rather than “Walker, Texas Ranger”) with our prepared questions. There was a little wait time in the exam room, so two educators played with models of spinal columns, naturally. There was even time for photo documentation (see attached).

Dr. Steuer and Carter Cooper, PA were very pleased and pronounced the long back incision healed. It turned into a three handshake visit with Dr. Steuer. He gave his colleague, Dr. Morrison, ample praise. Dr. Steuer okayed increased physical activity such as swimming and stationary bike exercise. He said the brace (still to receive a pet name…soliciting nominations) should be worn for three to six months, but cheating is allowed in the house. I keep wearing the bone stimulator for four hours each day, as well. He bragged on my walking and said that I could drive. I am indeed thankful for the positive remarks!

I see Dr. Reddy, Oncologist, next week. I hope my blood work continues to show improved numbers. The lab work report from last visit had a handwritten positive comment. We like that!

Anyway, I told Dr. Steuer that I was ready for my close-up for his office walls. He said that it must contain a good view of the tats, of course! Every time that I see Dr. Steuer I remember how ironic and cyclical life experiences can be. Seventeen years ago, a younger Dr. Steuer performed a C3-C4 Discectomy on a younger SeizeTheDay Mike when the brilliant surgeon first joined Peachtree Neurosurgeons. That surgery was a tremendous success. He went on to perform a number of high profile surgeries on some well-known clients over the years. Mary and I were well-pleased to renew this old acquaintance after the turn of events from this summer. Dr. Steuer reminded me today that my spinal fusion could not have been done ten years ago. Yes, I am thankful to science, prayer and my higher power.

In our pictures, Mary looks especially bemused. Readying lesson plans…

Mike Green
October 17, 2011



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