Oncology Appointment

October 26, 2011

I had my monthly appointment with Dr. Reddy, my oncologist, today at Atlanta Cancer Center. It felt good to walk in with my cane (Michael). It felt even better to know that the cane is rapidly becoming something of a security blanket for my walking. Of course, I wear my back brace, now christened Biff Bracewell by the supreme character, Sue Rainey, the majority of my waking hours. I am also required to wear a bone stimulator (no moniker at this point) four hours each day. This sends electric stimulation (can’t feel it) to the spine. The staff at ACC complimented my walking. I liked it that they saw a difference from four weeks earlier.

Dr. Reddy liked my bloodwork from last month and allayed my fears of the cancer recurring. I told her that I have a fear of not doing anything and allowing the smoldering cancer to become active enough to attack new vertebra. She says that the remission state is monitored by close examination of the monthly labs of my blood. There is no need for any further treatment at this time. In fact, she put me on a six week schedule for lab work. All in all, a very good visit!

I am ever eager to erase signs of being incapacitated in any way. I have moved from the twin bed in our library back to our big bed. We did have to have the big four poster bed lowered somewhat so that I could get in safely. Occasional bending and picking up things that fall to the floor is not impossible for me anymore. That is huge.

Just this week I have started putting in a little time on a stationary bike. Strengthening leg muscles that have not had much activity is important for me. Oh yes, I can now stay awake until eleven o’clock. That is a milestone for this perennial night owl.

I mentioned Sue Rainey earlier in this blog. Sue has been keeping me updated on her ongoing back problems. She was scheduled for surgery at Kennestone Monday of this week. I don’t have an update, but I hope that her surgery went well. If she reads this, I want her to know that I am thinking about her and will get in touch soon.

I mentioned on FaceBook that my mother received a good report last week from her orthopedist. Her fractures have healed to the point that she is receiving walking therapy. She actually walked in to her dialysis clinic in Duluth using a walker today. The staff were surprised and pleased to see her progress. We meet tomorrow at her rehab center to plan her discharge home next week. The entire family is so thankful that this day has come.

Enjoy the fall weather and Happy Halloween to all!

Mike Green


4 thoughts on “Oncology Appointment

  1. Hello Mr. Green,
    I’ve been praying for you and it’s great to hear about your good report! To allay your fear about the cancer recurring, I highly recommend the book: Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Shreiber. Continue to stay positive and take care, Lisa Clay

  2. Now that the horror has passed, what was its purpose? What are you going to do with what you have learned about yourself? Hard questions, but just trying to continue earning my “pet name!” BTW – GO GATORS!

    1. Really tough questions…I suppose that the biggest realization to result from this health crisis has been a sense of mortality. Along with that is the understanding that I am not in charge. I can work hard to be positive and channel positive energy, but ultimately, the higher power is in charge. I have also gained a new appreciation of the worth of friends and family.

      As for the very unworthy Gators comment, the ‘dawgs just tied it up!

  3. Okso maybe my surgery did not go so
    6/24 was the original surgery

    7/4 was the oops day

    Will fill u in lateri



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