Reading Again

October 27, 2011

I suppose that the health crisis took all the energy and motivation that has made me such a voracious reader all of my life. It makes sense that my ability to concentrate and follow a plot line should fail when a lot of energy was being expended on treating cancer and a collapsing spine. I remember that Mary, also a dedicated reader, had a reading dry spell of over a year during her mother’s illness and death. When the inability to enjoy a good book hits, I resort to quick reads such as news articles and FaceBook or I get mired in On Demand television programs.

Many friends have suggested good reading choices for me, but I just couldn’t get interested.

About two weeks ago, Mary and I were walking through Barnes and Noble at The Avenue in Forsyth. I often look at hard copies of new book releases and make notes of interesting titles on my phone. Later, I check them out in Nook books and decide if I want to purchase and download one. While we were in the store, I saw the latest In the Pittacus Lore series. It hooked me and I went home determined to download it for a good read. Since that day, I have regained my reading mojo. I flew through that light, engaging book and have mowed down the much recommended Hunger Games trilogy. Now, I am in book three of Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro’s Strain trilogy. I guess the reading block has been cleared.

It is just too hard to stay away from immersing one’s self in the post-apocalyptic world of nasty, society-ruling vampires and the brave, struggling human survivors. See you later….

Mike Green


3 thoughts on “Reading Again

  1. Hi Mike!
    I have caught up your journey to recovery, and am so proud of you keeping that “Mike Green” positive attitude that is so important in your healing process! I, of course am keeping very busy with my KSU responsibilities…still having fun!
    As my dad would say, “keep your tail light burning”! Don’t think any surgeon could ever remove that one!!!

    All my best and continued prayers for you and Mary!

    Mary Ursits

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