March Already?

March 5, 2011

A friend of mine has appointed himself my literary prompter. He has shamed me once again into going back to my writing. Ever the procrastinator, I find that I have let the month of February fly by without one word committed to my blog. Writers are supposed to write every day. Writers are disciplined. Would that I could be disciplined enough to finish writing projects.

March is my birthday month. Perhaps the writing muse will descend upon me this month.

I have not been inactive. Working out in my physical therapy sessions twice weekly and riding the stationary bike on non-PT days has really helped me regain balance and mobility. The back brace has been put in storage and I put the cane away when March began. I began driving by myself in February which gave me a greater sense of freedom. I see my oncologist once a month for monitoring of my blood. There have been no changes in my status up to this point. I continue to be checked every two weeks for my Coumadin level in order to keep those nasty blood clots away!

Life is interesting and fulfilling. I have been blessed in my recovery from the close call in November. Perhaps it is true that God had continuing plans for me. As such, I am enjoying life with my family and friends.

No speeding tickets in the ‘vette as of this date!

Mike Green



2 thoughts on “March Already?

  1. Glad to read that your recovery is going so well. We think about you often and say many prayers for both you and Charlotte. You guys mean so much to me and I love you more than you know!

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