Christmas Ornament Traditions at the Greens



The two photographs show the Christmas Tree collectible year ornaments from Waterford (above) and Wedgewood (below). Will’s tree is displayed with 25 Jasperware blue and white year ornaments. Evan’s tree is hung with 29 Waterford lead crystal year ornaments. Mary orders these each year. The boys’ grandmother, the late Sara Doss Donley of Canton, Georgia, started acquiring them beginning at their births.

We still display them in our dining room. One of these days, they may travel to our sons’ homes.

Mike Green
December 22, 2012

2 thoughts on “Christmas Ornament Traditions at the Greens

  1. MPG – These two trees are as priceless as your spirit as you continue to “climb”. I am not a huge Miley Cyrus fan but this one song has been appropriate in my life in recent months and years.

    Please continue to listen to Rambo Mary and the other caregivers surrounding you – they will accompany you on your newest “climb” and you will reach the summit in celebration.

    My heartfelt love and encouragement to you ALWAYS!

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