Week of Treatment Update

December 22, 2012

Having started the first cycle of chemo December 17, I have completed five days of treatment for myeloma. I am relieved that there have been no unpleasant side-effects, such as nausea or hair loss. If anything, my appetite has increased a good deal and pain level has gone low with minor management. I am completely mobile and feel uplifted!

I went to the gym for some therapy December 18 and did some low impact exercises and stretching. Reid, Amber and the folks training were glad to see me walk back into the gym. This is a boon for my body and mind. I have been keeping this regimen since I was dismissed from the hospital December 2011. Thanks to God for giving me strength, determination, and healing. I appreciate all of my friends’ and relatives’ support on FB and in your prayers!

Mary “Rambo” Green keeps killing cancer cells with all of the meds she feeds me! Thanks, Mary!

Mike Green
December 22, 2012



2 thoughts on “Week of Treatment Update

  1. Mike, I had no idea! You know this is what my mom had and would have done great with it if not for the horrible Dr that wanted her out of St. Joseph and told her she was dying! She really had no symptoms but because of the picture she painted she decided to starve herself. So my point is, you can beat this if my 84 year old mom could! My prayers are with you and I am here for you ANY time! Just let me know, let Mary know I’m here for her too, been there! Love & hugs to you both

    1. Thanks, Claudia! I don’t think that I knew that your mother had myeloma. I know you still think of her often and miss her. I appreciate your kind comments! I hope you have a super 2013! Mike

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