Treatment Update

When I last posted about my cancer treatment, I had just finished week one of the first cycle. The cycles are two weeks of chemo, one week off. I am at the end of the week off as of January 4, 2013. Next week I begin cycle two with two weeks of chemo. Then, a week off…

I had labs done this week and the numbers have improved somewhat. There will be about four cycles. At the end of #4 cycle, my doctors will decide if I am ready for harvesting stem cells from my bone marrow. These harvested stem cells will then be stored for recolonization of the marrow. This will involve one last blast of chemo in which I will be isolated at Emory because of immune system issues from that last chemo blast. The stem cells recolonize my bone marrow then.

I am thankful that this treatment has a very good track record. That is my update for cycle one. Here’s hoping that the next cycle goes well and continues to kick myeloma butt!

Rambo Mary still has me on a short leash with the Arixtra blood thinner injections she gives me each day. Thank God for good insurance as a one month prescription is a bit pricey…costs four thousand dollars.

I have included pictures of Mary and Sly Stallone as Rambo. Truly, Mary is much sweeter and has a wonderful bedside manner!

I hope everyone has an excellent weekend!

Mike Green
January 4, 2013



5 thoughts on “Treatment Update

  1. Thinking of you. Can not believe that the meds could be that expensive. Thank you for putting the real number out there. I appreciate you sharing your experience, but I wish were cancer gone and you were just reflecting. Maybe that day will come soon.

  2. I have a friend here in my town who had his stem cells harvested in what sounds much like why you are having done and it was a major success, I’m thinking you will have the same! Todd

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