Treatment Update 3.1

February 1, 2013

I complete half of cycle 3 of treatment this week. As each cycle is two weeks, I have next week and cycle 3 is complete. As the doctors are wanting a lower m-spike, we will have to see if Dr. L at Winship has to replace cycle 4 as planned with a changed chemical cocktail and short hospital stay. The m spike reveals the level of cancer-producing bugs in my body.

The gratifying news revealed yesterday by lab results is that the m-spike is now going in the right direction. We’ll see if this coming week takes it down to the optimal number. Then, we can see if cycle 4 is continued a week later (one week between cycles) or the changed chemical cocktail and brief hospitalization comes into play.

I feel good (no pain meds) and I thank God and my inspired and brilliant doctors. I drove my little red corvette yesterday after some weeks as a passenger only. It was as fun as usual and I did not scare Mary too much! My attention span is much improved over an earlier episode of driving. Mary, my sons, my father, Sarah and other family and friends are indispensable! Their energy and love are pulling me through this so much better than I had anticipated…worried?

In a couple of weeks a bunch of my Biltmore History Group are going to spend an overnight at my favorite, special place, Biltmore Estate. My father is joining us and that will be a delight. It has been over thirty years since we have enjoyed it together.

Continue to keep those thoughts and prayers coming for me, please. The myeloma bugs must die.

All the best and have a fun weekend!

Mike Green
February 1, 2013

The first photograph is of curly-headed Mike a few years back (1978?) at Biltmore Estate.
The second photograph is of a few of our Biltmore History Group at a Passholders Dinner and Storytelling Gathering at Biltmore Estate’s Lioncrest Venue.
The third photograph is of William Amherst Vanderbilt Cecil, Jr., the co-owner with his sister, Diana Cecil Pickering and CEO of The Biltmore Company with Mike at a library talk a few years back.




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