Treatment Update 3.2

February 9, 2013

Cycle Three of my scheduled four cycles of treatment ends Sunday with lab results showing a continued decline in the myeloma spike in my blood. When the m-spike gets to the point my oncologist wants, then the harvesting of stem cells is done for storage and transplant. I am thankful that the lab numbers are going in the right direction.

If the m-spike is not dropping fast enough, my Winship institute oncologist at Emory will decide if additional cycles of the same treatment cocktail are indicated. He may decide to do a five-day super chemo treatment at Emory Hospital called DCEP, instead, which would be a strong cocktail that should take the spike down lower.

Either way, he is optimistic that the myeloma level can be brought down to the level he wants it to be. I will see him Tuesday, February 12 for office consultation.

Mary and I are looking forward to visiting with our Biltmore History Group friends at Biltmore Estate for an overnight trip and program. As I mentioned last week, my father is going with us for this trip.

Samuel Todd Walker has prepared a program on the estate and the Vanderbilt Family for the enjoyment of all who will be attending Sunday, 7:30 p.m. at The Inn on Biltmore Estate. Member David Evans has been busy with invitations, details, and tours. Thanks, Todd, David and all the members of our group who will be attending!

If you are interested, check out and like the page on Facebook, The Real History of Biltmore House, posted by Samuel Todd Walker. The posts are chock full of interesting information!

Mike Green
February 9, 2013

Pictures (top- bottom)

March 2012, Mike at fountain
Vintage view of Biltmore House
Bill Cecil, Jr. and Mike at Lenoir-Rhyne Library Talk
Biltmore History Group members at Lioncrest for Passholders’ Storytelling Dinner





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