Challenge Week

March 22, 2013

This week has been interesting in that it was a “testing” week for me. The old expression comes into play, “that which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Nietzsche may have had that right. I will say that I am getting stronger after the events of this week.

The first round of testing came on Sunday with lethargy, low blood pressure, and nausea. This was enough to send me to the Winship Infusion lab for a blood chemistry check. The results showed no glaring issues. I was almost sure that Hematocrit was low enough for a transfusion of blood. Low BP and heart rate in the hospital the last week in February were making me think that this was happening again.

Turns out a bag of saline and a reduction in blood pressure medication, helped dispel the lethargy. The saline was needed for dehydration due to my rampant diarrhea. While in the hospital, I picked up a nasty c.diff infection in my gut. The doctors agreed that a reduction in the BP medication would be appropriate. The spasms in my leg presented another challenge Monday evening.

I fell in our dressing room. All the way to the floor, I fell. Hitting my head in the process, my life and plans started flashing in my mind at that midnight hour. No matter how careful one tries to be and no matter that Mary was with me, I still fell. I managed to lie in the bed, my mind whirling. I did manage some sleep, but I knew that I needed to have x-rays or scans. I called in the troops, and Evan, Will, and Mary managed to get me to Emory ER, Tuesday mid-morning. I needed a wheelchair which was not to my liking, but it helped. I am relieved that I had one. My doctors alerted, said to come straight to Emory ER.

If you have seen the movie, Beetlejuice, you can identify with the wait in ER. Late afternoon, I rode to imaging. Long story short, there were no breaks or displaced screws or rods in my body. Thanks be to God! I returned home with a sore and defeated body, Tuesday evening.

Since then, I have begun to feel better. I can eat meals, and my BP is normal. I am still sore, but that is improving. I am back to my cane in the house and a walker for outside. The medication for the diarrhea and the c-diff have almost been completed! Hooray!

You may say, that I dodged the bullet on that score and am still on track for my transplant in twelve days. I know God’s will is being done, and for that I am thankful. I thank my family and Mary for helping me in so many ways.

It has been a challenging week, but one in which new perspectives have been noted. I am happy and I am blessed.

Mike Green

6 thoughts on “Challenge Week

  1. Writing has always been one of your many talents. This new chapter in your life has given you a whole different genre in which to express your feelings. But as always, you are focusing on the positives, how you are growing and how God is working in your life. You continue to be a mentor and leader to me, even in retirement.

    1. Thank you, Beverly! I want to reveal truth, but not wallow in depressing writing. I know that I don’t read cancer blogs in general, because of the tendency to pull the reader into pity parties, or worse, when the reveal incorrect information. My struggle this time was whether to reveal the fall or not. I had to do so and remain honest.

  2. I would expect nothing less than honesty from you. That’s one of the many aspects of your personality I admire. Your door was always open for honest discussion, and that’s what we received back from you, whether it was the answer we wanted or not :- Having been through cancer myself at a young age, there are two choices. You’ve chosen the one the shows all of us this illness is not winning the battle-you’re the same strong man you’ve always been. Daily prayers for everyone who has any dealings with your care, for your loving supportive family, and of course for God’s close presence in your life.

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