Post-Transplant Update

April 27, 2013

My hospital stay is over and my transplant is doing well. The numbers are where the doctors want them to be for now. I am pleased and thankful that the news is positive.

I just have to endure the resultant bad feeling that is my current state. Lethargy, nausea, feeling down, and no interest in reading or projects has made me feel that I am not improving. The numbers give a different story and I am told that the ill feelings will pass in a few weeks. I am looking forward to that!

Thanks to all the medical professionals, my friends, and families for your care, concerns, and prayers. I hope to get through this downside soon! Love to all!




7 thoughts on “Post-Transplant Update

  1. You’re too strong and positive of a man to let this keep you down for long. The old you in the new body will appear very soon.

      1. Remember the “footsteps in the sand” – now is your turn to let Him carry you until you can make your own originals again!


  2. Prayers are being answered in that the doctors are pleased. I will continue to pray that your spirits will be lifted up and you will regain your strength and desire to pursue your interest. You are remarkable!!! You have been strong and courageous and a real inspiration! Love, Shirley Bryant

  3. Mike – You can do this. There is a special angel walking with you :). She believes in you and so do I!
    Ann Gazell

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