Down Home Revisited



Daniel Meredith Liddell and Nellie Mae Mills Liddell built a new brick ranch house a few feet away from the 1840 Liddell house in 1957. The old plantation plain home was demolished. The barn, smokehouse, car house, and well house survived beyond 1957. The demolition was of course, back before preservation efforts became a part of our lives. I was only four so I don’t remember much about the old plantation house. My uncle Frank Liddell is 94, recalls it vividly, and has drawn out floor plans for me.

Pictured are my grandparents, Daniel M. Liddell and Nellie Mills Liddell in front of their new house in 1958.

Pictured in the b/w image are Michael P. Green and Sandra Nell Seay (Henley) circa Easter 1957 in front of the old plantation plain 1840 Liddell House. Through the years it had acquired a screened porch on the front facade beside where the old Preacher’s Room for visiting circuit rider preachers had been built.

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